Friday, 23 April 2021

There were plenty of small birds on the east side of the Long Water: a Long-Tailed Tit from the nest near the Italian Garden ...

... a male Blackcap ...

... and a female Chiffchaff, all within a few yards of each other.

The other Chiffchaff pair near the Henry Moore sculpture are still building their nest. Thanks to Tom for this picture.

Tom also sent a picture of a Whitethroat at Rainham Marshes. We have one in the Rose Garden here, but I haven't been lucky seeing it.

Ahmet Amerikali took this picture of a Robin carrying insects to the nest.

A Pied Wagtail hunted among the daisies at the Diana memorial fountain.

A Mistle Thrush at the Diana fountain rattled and dodged from tree to tree. There were Carrion Crows around, and this is normal behaviour for keeping predators away from a nest.

Two Magpies fought over a peanut. They should know by now that all will be catered for.

A Mute Swan enjoyed a violent wash at the small boathouses.

The Grey Herons in the nest in the red cherry tree exchanged greetings as they changed places on their eggs.

The young herons in the next tree stared out from their nest.

Some of the seven Egyptian goslings at the boat platform swam around in the clear water.

The brood of eight on the other side of the Serpentine fed under the willows.

The four at the Vista have reached the awkward stage between being fluffy babies and handsome young geese.

The black fox near the bridge, still not photographed, has three cubs, two grey ones ...

... and a normal coloured one which I didn't get a picture of as it was mostly hidden in the undergrowth. Evidently the black adult has a red mate.

Hairy-Footed Flower Bees visited yellow wallflowers near the Dell. Males are brown and females are black.


  1. Now that I think of it, black foxes are the same species as red foxes, right? Like black panthers vs ordinary leopards? All I have ever seen are red foxes.

    I hope at least those four goslings (who are in the awkward age) are now out of most dangers.

    1. Yes, black foxes are just melanistic red foxes. The cubs have a hint of red on top of their heads.

  2. Good to have the Whitethroats back. My first last Sunday at Yeading Brook was singing but resolutely stayed hidden, which is unusual for this species. Have encountered a few locally over the last few days & yesterday when I visited Hounslow Heath birds were flying up giving their territorial song all around me.

    Nice shots of the Fox cubs-would be good to see the black adult.

    1. The foxes' earth is in quite a small bit of shrubbery, so there's a good chance.

  3. Yesterday 27 April 10.30 am willow warbler singing just north of bridge west side Long Water (usual Cetti's spot) as well as Cetti's, and reed warbler in bushes north of reeds at "lookout" point which seem to be crushed. Reed warbler also Fisherman's keep spot (next to nesting swans) as well as usual Diana's Fountain.

    1. Thanks for the news. The reeds are trampled down there because swans come ashore to eat the lush grass and varied weeds. They haven't tried to nest here, though.

  4. should have said yesterday 26 April!