Sunday, 11 April 2021

Eleven Mallard ducklings have appeared at the east end of the Serpentine. I wish it were a safer place.

The eleven Egyptian goslings hatched at the Dell restaurant have come out on the lake.

The families with eight goslings ...

... and with three are still in good order.

The Canada Goose nest in the reeds near the Long Water is definitely a going concern. It's been occupied for several days.

The Coots under the willow near the bridge were busy with their nest. It's odd that there are no Coot chicks anywhere. The two hatched in the open on the Long Water disappeared quickly, probably eaten by gulls. The prolific Egyptians have the advantage of nesting in tree holes.

The Grey Herons' nest where there was a single chick which sadly perished has had a bird standing in it for several days now, probably a sign that the pair are ready to try again.

Meanwhile the three chicks at the west end of the island are thriving. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them.

Sad to say, the Mistle Thrushes nesting near the Round Pond have certainly lost their chicks, probably to a Carrion Crow. But they are undaunted and the male was singing a short way off. I'm sure they'll try again, and this time they have a better chance because the trees are coming into leaf.

It seems that the Politburo have relaxed their ban on racing model yachts on the pond.

A Blackbird foraged in the debris left by felling and cutting up a tree. The broken twigs and fragments of wood are quickly populated by insects to provide it with a meal.

A Grey Wagtail searched for insects in a pile of flotsam on the shore by the Lido restaurant. It's often seen in this productive spot.

The other Grey Wagtail was seen this morning in the Italian Garden. Here's a picture of it taken by Neil a couple of days ago.

A Wren appeared on a branch in the woodland at the foot of Buck Hill ...

... and two Long-Tailed Tits provided photo opportunities, one near the leaf yard ...

... and the other near the Albert Memorial.

I went home through Hyde Park Gate, a select and secluded residential street to the southwest of the memorial. There's a little circular garden here, where a Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming on a tree.


  1. I have been meaning to ask, what is the park visitors' reaction to so many ducklings and goslings? Judging from the sound, many seem to be blase about them. People here would squeal pointing at the wee things, but then again, we don't see so many ducklings in parks so they are a rarity.

    Very sad news about the Mistle Thrushes. Sadly the gallantry and courage of the parents isn't enough to fend crows off.

    1. They do squeal and point and say how cute, loathsome word. I take more video than I need and cut out those bits. More troublingly, a nasty little boy was trying to grab ducklings and took no notice when I told him not to. I had to speak severely to his father -- don't suppose he took any notice when I was gone.