Saturday, 3 April 2021

If there was any doubt about the Black Swan being female, it's now dispelled. Virginia caught her mating with her Mute boyfriend on the Long Water.

The swans pushed down the Long Water by the dominant male were in an irritable mood and there was a good deal of bickering among the males.

There are now two eggs in the Mute Swans' nest east of the Lido. The male swan guarded them while his mate was away feeding.

Two young swans flirted under the bridge while a third ate some sprouted wheat thrown into the water after the celebration of Nowruz, the Zoroastrian New Year.

There are five new Egyptian goslings on the Long Water, seen here on the gravel edge of the pond dipping pool that is under construction.

There have been no further losses in the other broods. Here's a closer look at the four on the Serpentine near the bridge, which include a blond one like its father and another paler than normal.

The Red-Crested Pochard drake on the Long Water seems to have been jilted by his former Mallard mate, who has gone off with a drake of her own species. I've only seen him alone for the past few days.

The Coots nesting on the Long Water north of Peter Pan now have at least one chick. It was a cold day and the parent was keeping everything well covered, but there was a momentary glimpse of part of a little red head.

The three Grey Heron chicks looked out of their nest.

A Carrion Crow paused on the fence at Henry Moore while carrying an awkwardly long twig to its nest.

Another had found a large bone somewhere, and was in the middle of Rotten Row pecking out the marrow.

A Magpie came to feed out of Sue's hand.

The usual Jay near the bridge ...

... and a Jackdaw in the leaf yard were also expecting to be fed.

One of the Mistle Thrushes nesting near the Round Pond was on the ground looking for worms.

The Long-Tailed Tits nesting in the Rose Garden and near the Italian Garden -- one of which is shown here -- are not seen so often now. This is probably a sign that they have completed their nests and the females are sitting.

A Blackcap sang from a holly tree near the Vista ...

... and a Chiffchaff was singing in a plane tree near the Dell.


  1. So many excellent pictures today! It's almost as if all the birds are celebrating Easter as well.

    I'm so excited about the chance of having mixed swan babies, and so happy that she at least may be less lonely. I hope she is fertile, and the boyfriend will not jilt her for someone of his own species.

    1. There are so few nesting places for swans, though. The dominant Mute Swan is slowly clearing the Long Water for his private use, and we've seen the desperation of the swans on the Serpentine in nesting in crazy places.

  2. Fascinating image of the mating swans. Wonder whether any offspring will arise? Don't think I've ever seen hybrids of these. Shame the drake Red-crested Pochard has been jilted.

    Good to see the Heron young up in the nest.

    1. I've seen pictures of hybrids in the Netherlands. Big, grey, awkward looking. But I don't think this pair are going anywhere -- literally, there's nowhere to go.