Thursday, 4 March 2021

It was a good day for seeing small birds.

A Goldcrest darted around looking for insects in a bush beside the Serpentine.

A Robin sang in the Rose Garden. We may have had a lot of video of this bird, but you can't resist filming a singing Robin.

There were views of the Dunnock in the Rose Garden ...

... and at the Lido restaurant.

There was also a Pied Wagtail at the restaurant ...

... and several in the enclosure of the Diana fountain. You can get quite close to a shy Pied Wagtail if there's a fence between you and it.

A Goldfinch pecked at a leaf bud in a treetop beside the Long Water.

Below it, a Chaffinch ...

... and a Wren hopped around in the leaf litter.

There was a small flock of Redwings in the place on the Parade Ground where they have gone in previous years to find worms on the grass ruined by the Winter Wasteland. But there was no funfair in this fun-free year, and I didn't expect them to turn up. With no fence to protect them they were very shy and I only got a distant shot.

A Magpie began to build a nest beside the Serpentine.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull and his mate were in their usual place by the Dell restaurant.

The Grey Heron chick could be seen moving around in the nest, but it didn't show clearly enough to rate a picture.

Two Great Crested Grebes were fighting on the Long Water.

Still everything but the Mute Swans -- today's occupant of the swan island was a Moorhen.

The Black Swan was in a crowd of Mute Swans, doing its best to look big and impressive.

This pair of Gadwalls is constantly on the edge of the Dell restaurant terrace.


  1. Hi Ralph, I saw some warblers in the shrubs on the north/east side of the Serpentine bridge (by the car park). Couldn't identify what type of warbler they were and wondered if you might know? My best guess would be willow warbler but wondered if it was too early for them to arrive. Thanks.

    1. I also saw a small ordinary looking warbler there but couldn't get a good view of it. My guess was a Chiffchaff, and I think we had at least one overwintering one. But I have seen Willow Warblers in exactly this place later in the year in previous years.

    2. Thanks, Ralph. On reflection I think Chiffchaff might well be the answer. Unfortunately, they were not singing so couldn't get a clue that way.

  2. So good to see a Goldcrest so energetic and agile. I hope the last spell of cold weather didn't affect them as much as we feared.

    Robins are the best antidepressants there are.

    1. I think the Goldcrest can be seen getting an insect larva at around 20 seconds. So much work for such a small reward.

      Robins are essential to mental health.