Tuesday 9 March 2021

A Greenfinch beside the Long Water sang its gentle chattering and wheezing song, with more melodious contributions from a Robin.

A Robin on the other side of the lake enjoyed the sunshine.

On the ground below, a Chaffinch had found some unidentifiable but edible object.

A Starling on its own in a nearby tree sang quietly to itself.

A Goldcrest hung from a twig in the Rose Garden.

A pair of Rose-Ringed Parakeets canoodled.

Young Black-Headed Gulls chased another that had won a bit of bread.

There was no visible activity in the two Grey Heron nests. The teenage heron, the only one that has not been involved in nesting, stood on a boathouse roof, ruffled by the breeze.

On the south side of the island the Egyptian Geese seem to have permanent possession of a heron nest. Not sure whether they will try to breed there. Tree holes are more their thing, and there are plenty of them.

The Black Swan and a Carrion Crow wondered which one was blacker.

The dominant Mute Swan at the west end of the Serpentine was bullying the others as usual.

The three teenage swans rested on the nesting island on the Long Water. It's their last few days of peace before their parents start nesting and throw them out.

A Great Crested Grebe rested under the willow near the bridge.

The Coots' nest on the invisible submerged branch is getting larger by the day.

In the Rose Garden, a Honeybee ...

... and a Buff-Tailed Bumblebee browsed in a patch of hellebore.


  1. I am never able to recall if hellebore is truly poisonous or not. Greeks thought it was. Hope the Bumblebee is immune.

    That is a wonderful duet, made better by the Robin's contribution.

    I wonder what the Black Swan is thinking. It seems to be surprised or intrigued by the Crow.

  2. Yes, hellebore is moderately poisonous, but also foul-tasting so it's unlikely to be eaten by animals, though there are stories of dogs and horses suffering ill effects and even dying.

    I think the crow is more surprised than the Black Swan.

  3. Hi,

    What about little owls? Haven't seen any photos in a long while, do they still live in the park?

    1. Yes, there are still Little Owls in the park, but I haven't been able to find any recently. Believe me, I'll report as soon as I do.

    2. Good to know they are still there. Thank you!