Sunday 16 August 2020

One of the two young Hobbies preened on a branch while the other, out of sight, called from another tree. The call of the young birds is slower than the adult call.

Not far away, one of the young Sparrowhawks perched in a tree.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull had a change from his usual diet when he caught a crayfish. The waiting Carrion Crows knew that bits would fall off which they could grab.

He seemed sleepy after his meal.

The young Grey Heron in the Italian Garden stood in the water lily patch, its legs camouflaged by the stems, waiting for a shoal of fish to approach.

A Moorhen stood on one of the planters supervising the chicks as they climbed around in the leaves below.

Another fed two chicks on some birdseed at the edge of the Serpentine. They don't really need feeding now, as they are large enough to pick it up themselves.

A picture by Ahmet Amerikali of a Great Crested Grebe preening its brilliant white underside. This is good camouflage when seen from below against the shining surface of the water.

Two of the cygnets on the Long Water rested their large feet.

Three Pochard drakes have been hanging around the Vista.

Apart from the raptors it was a slow day for birds, so here are some pictures of insects: a Painted Lady butterfly ...

... a Gatekeeper ...

... and a Buff-Tailed Bumblebee on a globe thistle.

The Sunday Latin dance class in the Buck Hill shelter was trying a more difficult routine. There's a risk of getting tangled in your scarf.


  1. Notice it's just the women with scarves. Reminds me of Ginger Rogers' comments about doing the same as Fred Astaire, but backwards and in high heels.

    1. Yes, the men look rather silly posturing with empty hands. They ought to have hats or something. The teacher's high heels would have defeated even Ginger Rogers.

  2. Good to get the Painted Lady! It seems to have been a poor year for them-I've only seen 4 locally- the last on Saturday when it was the only butterfly I saw. I missed the one garden record which my partner saw.

    1. Yes, that's only the third one I've seen this year.