Thursday 13 August 2020

As the young fish in the lake grow to a size worth bothering with, the Cormorants are beginning to gather in greater numbers. A pair played with a feather in the background. We'll see more of this in the next video.

The aim of this tug-of-war was not to keep possession of the feather, because when one bird pulled it out of the other's grasp, it offered it back again so that the game could continue.

The Great Crested Grebe family in the water below ignored these goings-on.

The young Moorhens in the bushes at Peter Pan are only occasionally visible, so I don't know how many there are.

Leona Tan has been keeping an eye on the Mallard family on the Round Pond, and reported that the four ducklings had survived another day ...

... and also that there are three older ones near Bluebird Boats, where the platform gives them some shelter from the hungry gulls.

Tom got a good picture of the Young Grey Heron in the Italian Garden catching a medium-sized perch that thought it was safe under the water lilies.

A dramatic moment in the Sparrowhawks' territory near New Lodge: a Jay which had been taunting them nearly got caught. Here are two pictures taken a moment apart, the first by Jayanta Bordoloi ...

... and the second by Tom.

Tom also got a picture of a Great Spotted Woodpecker in this area. It would do well to stay out of the treetops with Sparrowhawks and Hobbies around.

The female Little Owl was in the same place as in yesterday's video. It was too far up the tree for a good picture.

A Starling pecked at blackberries in a bramble patch beside the Long Water.

The young ones are halfway to getting their adult plumage.

The Long-Tailed Tits are dashing around as usual, seen here in a fig tree near the Albert Memorial.

The Robin in the Rose Garden waited for me to fill the feeder.

A squirrel with a stripy tail like a raccoon climbed on to the railings near the bridge.

Another good picture by Tom of a Speckled Wood butterfly. They have been rather scarce in the park this year.


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    1. A pair had been annoying the Sparrowhawks for some time. I hope they've learnt their lesson.