Friday 14 August 2020

A Little Grebe turned up unexpectedly at the Serpentine island. Presumably this is the one that was on the Round Pond a few days ago.

It was getting pushed around by the Mallards, though the Tufted Ducks, fellow diving birds, left it alone.

The younger Great Crested Grebe chicks on the lake are now big enough to follow their parents across open water, so they can be led to where the fish are, saving their parents a lot of travelling.

The eldest teenagers on the Long Water look bigger than their parents, though that's just the effect of their fluffy juvenile plumage. A welcome spell of drizzle in the afternoon speckled the water.

The Moorhen chicks from the nest by the bridge are now large enough to feed themselves. Moorhens seem to be able to find food in the most unpromising places.

An adult was managing to pluck things out of the rapids at the foot of the Dell waterfall.

The Coots in the Italian Garden don't need their nest any more and have let it mostly fall to pieces, but it still provides a place for family gatherings.

The dominant Mute Swans on the Long Water have finally ended their truce with the second pair, and have made the bold territorial move of occupying their nest site on the gravel ridge. The other pair and their one cygnet were nowhere to be seen.

Duncan Campbell records a welcome move on the Marble Arch traffic island. All the young Egyptian Geese have flown away except one, which was there with both parents. So they can move when they want to -- just as well, as the hot weather has reduced the lawn to a desert.

The young Grey Heron in the Italian Garden, which has been fishing with gusto for several days ...

... took time off and perched in a tree overlooking the fountains.

The two young Sparrowhawks in Hyde Park are independent and hunting for themselves.

One perched on a branch but was disturbed by a runner puffing past and flew away.

While I was looking for the hawk, another flock of Long-Tailed Tits passed through the trees -- or maybe I keep seeing the same one over and over again.

Mark Williams sent a pleasing picture of a Blue Tit feeding from his hand.

A Red-Tailed Bumblebee climbed on the lavender in the Rose Garden.


  1. I saw a little grebe launch itself angrily at a black-headed gull the other day! The gull kept trying to snatch the food that the grebe was feeding to its chick. The gull hastily retreated (This was in Waddon Ponds in Croydon)

    1. They'll face anything to protect their chicks.