Monday, 27 May 2019

A pair of Mute Swans settled on the large Coot nest under the willow by the bridge. Coots' nests are strong, but their weight quickly demolished it.

The swans on the Serpentine were in an aggressive mood.

The single cygnet on the Long Water sheltered behind its father.

The three cygnets near the Lido are still doing well.

A pair of Gadwalls browsed on the algae at the edge of the Serpentine.

Perhaps surprisingly, the last Coot chick from the nest on the post at Peter Pan is still alive ...

... and the Coots have hastily repaired their broken nest. It isn't a good job by Coot standards, but it was done in a single day.

A Great Crested Grebe fishing near the bridge surfaced, streaming with water.

The Blackbird in the Rose Garden is a particularly fine singer.

One of the Mistle Thrushes nesting near the Serpentine Gallery rattled angrily at a Magpie, then came down on the grass. Probably they are still nesting. I haven't seen any evidence of fledglings here.

A young Long-Tailed Tit waited on a twig to be fed.

I went to the Leg o' Mutton Reservoir beside the Thames near Barnes.

There are several nesting rafts here, and most of them are occupied by Black-Headed Gulls. You can see a chick towards the end of this clip.

A closer view of a nesting Black-Headed Gull with a chick emerging from under its wing.

This gull shares a raft with a Common Tern, and they seemed to be at peace with each other.

The tern shifted on the nest, and turned the eggs over to keep them evenly warmed.


  1. Great to see that the cygnets are doing fine. Seeing the sole surviving cygnet's mighty father it is weird to think that anything would get past its vigilance.

    Thank you for the fine clip of the Blackbird song. It will be the highlight in anyone's day.

    Most productive visit to Leg o' Mutton reservoir. Gull chicks are so darn cute.

  2. It seems possible that it's not gulls but the fantastically aggressive Coot that killed two cygnets on the Long Water.

    I shall be going back to the reservoir in a while to look for a tern chick. There were two last year on that conveniently situated raft.