Saturday 25 May 2019

A Grey Wagtail caught insects on the small waterfall in the Dell.

A Pied Wagtail collected insects under a bench beside the Serpentine. It had difficulty in holding both a damselfly and a larva at once.

The songbirds have quietened down noticeably in the last few says, earlier than usual but they started early this year. However, there was a Blackcap singing in a tree beside the Long Water.

A young Wood Pigeon, still without the white collar of an adult, was on the other side of the path.

A Magpie preened on a tree near the bridge.

The Little Owl was visible in the usual oak tree near the Albert Memorial.

A Grey Heron sunbathed with wings outstretched in the new deserted nest on the island. This is an adult, and may or may not be one of the original occupants of the nest.

Sadly but predictably, the Coots nesting on the post at Peter Pan have lost two of their three chicks to the hungry gulls.

There is another nest going up on a post here. The Coot stubbornly went on building it under the eyes of Cormorant.

The Mallard here has also lost one of her three ducklings, but the other two were bustling around near the shore.

The five Coot chicks at the small boathouse were all alive and well.

And so were all ten Egyptian goslings at the Round Pond ...

... and the two Greylag goslings on the Serpentine ...

... and the three Mute Swan cygnets near the Lido.

The single cygnet on the Long Water was on the little island, but not showing well enough for a photograph.

A swan flew up the Serpentine against the background of a dark cloud.


  1. A Swan on the wing is such a majestic sight, at least as long as they fly straight up. No wonder they are indignant when they must break their clean elegant line when it comes to manuevring their bulk around.

    The vimeo videos have much, much better quality than the youtube ones. But I am sorry to see that you must take unnecessary and additional chores to embed the video.

  2. I'm getting the hang of Vimeo embedding. You do have to go to the HTML version of the text, but then the embed code can be pasted in from a saved text file and the reference number changed to that of the video you want. Full screen mode works on a mobile too, but getting it can be a bit clunky. Worth if for the greatly improved video quality.