Friday 31 May 2019

A pair of Great Crested Grebes are trying to make a nest out of algae in the middle of the lake next to the bridge. There must be a submerged fallen branch here that they are trying to attach it to. Such construction is quite beyond grebes' small nest building skill, though Coots might succeed here.

The pair at the west end of the island are showing renewed interest in their nest at the back of the wire baskets. It's quite a well made nest by grebe standards, with solid twigs shoved through the mesh, and has not fallen to pieces in their absence as grebe nests usually do.

A Moorhen clambered nimbly on the small waterfall in the Dell, picking up algae and any small creatures that might be hiding in it.

The Mute Swan pair that occupied the Coot nest under the willow seem to be sticking to it.

The swan on the Long Water gave her cygnet a ride on her back as they came over to Peter Pan.

Her mate sat on the nest, in uneasy company with his enemy the Coot and one of the chicks.

The Bar-Headed--Greylag Goose hybrid is fond of sunflower seeds, and comes over to eat them from my hand.

There were three Mallard ducklings at Peter Pan, without their mother. I don't think they can be the three that were here a few days ago, because the last time I saw that brood its was down to two.

Both the Peregrines were on the barracks tower again. Although it was good to see them, it's disappointing news. When they started mating at disappeared for a while, it seemed that they were nesting somewhere. But if they're both back here, they can't be.

A female Blackcap was ticking loudly at some unseen threat in a bush beside the Long Water.

A family of Long-Tailed Tits flew through the trees.

One of the pair of Mistle Thrushes in the Dell was out on the lawn.

Whenever you see a group of Rose-Ringed Parakeets feeding on the ground, you can be sure that there's a dandelion patch. They are particularly fond of the leaves.

Cornflowers are coming up in the wildflower bed in the Rose Garden.


  1. Now I understand what "cornflower blue" means! I learn things daily from reading this blog.

    I hope the Grebes will succeed in their nesting endeavour, but I'm not too sanguine about it. I wish the passing Coot would give them tips.

    There are fewer spectacles that are lovelier than a swan carrying its cygnets on its back. Grace, strength, devotion, and the very strong's protection of the very weak.

    1. Perhaps that picture of the cornflower has come out a bit more purple than it should. The colour is definitely blue with only a slight violet tinge.