Sunday 5 March 2017

The new Egyptian Goose family were beside the Round Pond. It was beginning to rain, and the chicks went to shelter under their mother.

In a few minutes the rain turned to hail, and when I came past later they had completely disappeared under her wings.

There were two pairs of Mandarins at Peter Pan ...

... and one of the two female Pochard--Tufted Duck hybrids.

On one of the Italian Garden ponds, a pair of Tufted Ducks were diving under the edge of the fountain, perhaps because the turbulence stirred up some small water creatures.

The usual pair of Gadwalls were out in the calmer water.

One of the Great Crested Grebes at the island was sitting on the nest. Perhaps there are some eggs now.

Above them there was the same scene as yesterday, a Grey Heron perched over the nest of another pair. It was looking down at them in a distinctly hostile way.

There is a pair of Dunnocks in the Rose Garden. Previously I had only seen one, maybe not the same one. There is not much difference between the sexes, but on the whole males are greyer, so this is probably one ...

... and this is the female.

The Robin who owns the olive tree by the Lido ticket office was having a furious song duel with another Robin on the other side of the path.

There seemed to be fewer Redwings on the Parade Ground, and the usual cheerful chattering from the trees couldn't be heard. But probably they will all migrate away together, so the others were just farther off. When they are not foraging for worms they stand stock still, which makes them hard to see.

The Little Owl in the lime tree near the Henry Moore sculpture was outside her hole, but in a place that only allowed you to view her from quite far away.

The Kingfisher on the Long Water was also too distant for a good picture.


  1. Hi Ralph always great to see all your great posts. My wife and i would love to see the kingfisher. When is the best time that we might be able to see him?

    1. Any time. He goes round and round the Long Water all day. If you don't see him, come back half an hour later.

  2. Where is the kingfisher at Long Water? Please may I have some directions? Glad to hear that he's still there. James

    1. Look over the parapet of the Italian Garden. At present the Kingfisher is often in the bushes along the edge of the lake to your right. He may also be in the dead willow tree to your left, only a few yards away from the parapet.