Friday 10 March 2017

The Blackbirds have started singing. There was a few tentative phrases in the Rose Garden, which stopped before I could find the bird, and then a full song from an almost invisible place on the top of a tree near the Round Pond.

At the pond itself, the five little Egyptians are still going strong.

There was no sign of a Redwing or a Fieldfare on the Parade Ground, and they may have left on their northerly migration. The Pied Wagtails had also moved, and there were a lot on them on the grass between the Triangle car park and the Serpentine Lodge. This is a male, with a black back ...

... and a female, with a grey back.

A Coal Tit was working hard to peck out bits of peanut from the feeder in the Rose Garden ...

... while a Dunnock waited underneath to catch any spillage.

A Wren was hopping about in a tree beside the Vista.

It was changeover time on the lowest Grey Heron nest on the island.

At the top nest there was the same strange trio, with a heron staring down enviously at the pair on the nest. This has been going on for days.

If you stop walking when going across the Vista, a heron will come right up to you and stare at you expectantly.

A Mute Swan came down on the Serpentine and waterskied to a halt.

The Mandarins have gone from the Lido, and there was just the usual pair of Gadwalls ...

... and the white Mallard looking down to see if there was anything tasty.

The three Canada-Greylag Goose hybrid siblings were feeding together on the shore.

The Little Owl in the lime tree near the Henry Moore sculpture came out of her hole for a while, but wouldn't tolerate me getting any nearer and went back in. I try not to disturb her, but she is a nervous creature.

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