Monday 6 March 2017

The Egyptian Geese at the Round Pond still have five goslings. They were sheltering under their mother but emerged when the sun came out.

A Cormorant was washing on the Long Water.

The Kingfisher was in exactly the same place as yesterday. Presumably he chooses a twig carefully so that he can drop down vertically into the water from it.

Both pairs of Mandarins were at Peter Pan.

Who'd be a female Mallard?

The Little Owl near the Albert Memorial looked down from her hole.

The Fieldfare -- I think there's only one here -- was distantly visible on the Parade Ground.

There were plenty of Redwings again, most of them chattering in the trees. This one hauled up a worm.

A Pied Wagtail was searching for insects in the newly laid turf.

One of the pair of Coal Tits in the Rose Garden waited for a place on the feeder.

Underneath it, the female Dunnock was looking for spilt birdseed.

In the strange rectangular trees at the edge of the Rose Garden, a Long-Tailed Tit was pulling off cobwebs to make its nest.

While I was going round Hyde Park, Tom was in Kensington Gardens, and got some good pictures. Here is a Robin carrying nesting material near the leaf yard.

We haven't seen much of the Green Woodpeckers lately, but I heard one calling this morning near the leaf yard, and Tom got a picture of it.

He also found a Treecreeper on the birch trees near the Italian Garden, where they have been seen before.

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