Friday 16 December 2016

The Little Owl near the Henry Moore sculpture was calling agitatedly as I came down Buck Hill. By the time I arrived he had calmed down.

I looked around to see what the fuss had been about. And there was a male Sparrowhawk in a nearby tree.

A Grey Heron on the ground below was also squawking uneasily.

But a few yards away flock of Long-Tailed Tits was flitting through the trees as normal.

A Coal Tit constantly comes down to one of the feeders in the Rose Garden. Here it is waiting for some Great Tits to go away so it can have its turn.

This Mistle Thrush is one of our residents. Nearly all the Mistle Thrushes in the park are winter migrants, but this one nests in a plane tree near the Albert Memorial and can often be seen looking for worms on the grass.

Cormorants are still finding enough fish near the bridge to make it worth their while to stay on the lake.

Some Black-Headed Gulls were hovering around someone throwing bread up to them.

This one had found a hoverfly larva at the Lido.

A Common Gull gave me a suspicious stare.

An Egyptian Goose was washing in the pool at the bottom of the Diana fountain.

A Gadwall drake was preening near the Lido restaurant.

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  1. Good picture of the Cormorant, especialy given the speed they devour the catch. Yesterday I stopped briefly at the bridge and saw one catch four small fish around the baskets in quick succession - in less than a minute. Is this unusual at this time of year? And strange that the Grebes haven't caught on?