Friday 9 December 2016

Melissa the Carrion Crow was hoovering up the last of the fallen rowan fruit on Buck Hill.

This didn't stop her and her mate Charlie from demanding peanuts. They are very healthy crows thanks to their balanced diet, unlike the ones in the colony at the northwest corner of Kensington Gardens which eat terrible junk food from the restaurants in Queensway and have patches of white feathers from nutritional deficiency.

The crows kept the other birds away from the patch of fruit. A Mistle Thrush was up in a tree rattling irritably.

A Blackbird was in a patch of dead leaves under the hedge.

A Robin surveyed the proceedings from a now bare rowan twig.

A flight of Long-Tailed Tits passed by at the bottom of the hill. They are often seen going around the Long Water because they prefer lines of trees, so that they can forage for bugs without having to come out into the open, where danger lurks for a very small bird.

Some Blue Tits were following the flock. They are much more mobile than Great Tits, which seem mostly to stay in the same small area.

A shy Dunnock ventured out on to a bush in the Rose Garden. Most of the time they are on the ground hidden in the vegetation.

A Feral Pigeon pulled up a sprouting seed in one of the herbaceous borders. All the plants here have been grown in the park nursery and planted when ready to flower, so it was an unauthorised seed and, for once, the pigeon was doing the gardeners a favour.

A Pied Wagtail was looking for insects under the leaves at the western edge of the Parade Ground.

The male Little Owl near the Henry Moore sculpture was out in front of the nest hole enjoying the sunshine on a very mild day.

A Moorhen was standing under a fountain in the Italian Gardens, getting absolutely soaked. It must have been worth it for some kind of edible creature it was finding in the green slime.

A Great Crested Grebe was fishing under the reed rafts at the east end of the Serpentine.

The young Herring Gull that was playing with the buoy at the Lido was still there, chasing off other gulls that approached its big bright toy. It dived and found the loose end of the mooring rope. Gulls love pulling strings, for some reason.

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