Friday 15 April 2016

The Mistle Thrush at the Albert Memorial had found a worm.

A pair of Jackdaws under the Little Owls' oak tree were also looking for worms.

But when they saw us they immediately came over to be given peanuts. When the Jackdaws returned to the park in 2014 they were very shy and would flee if you looked at them. Now they amble over to within  a couple of feet up you and look up expectantly to be given a treat.

Above them, a Little Owl put in a very brief appearance.

We also had a momentary glimpse of a Little Owl in the chestnut tree. It must have been the shy female, because when we were thirty yards away she flew into the nest hole.

Another hole-nesting bird: yesterday, when it was quite sunny, Tom got this fine picture of a Starling carrying a feather to line its nest.

Today, however, it came on to rain quite hard. This didn't bother the white Mallard near the Dell restaurant ...

... or a Pied Wagtail looking for insects on the south shore of the Serpentine.

This area, between the east end of the Serpentine and the Lido, and bounded on the south by Rotten Row, is a favourite haunt of Pied Wagtails. Possibly this is because the grass here is cropped very short by geese, and it's easy for the wagtails to run around on it.

The Black Swan was wandering about the Serpentine alone, calling loudly and often. He came over to a couple of young grey Mute Swans, apparently thinking that one of them might be his girlfriend, but it wasn't and he went off, still calling.

Both the Great Crested Grebes were at their nest on the east end of the island.

A Grey Heron was gathering twigs in a birch tree for his mate sitting in the larger nest.

This nest, already big, is getting huge. But the herons in the smaller nest seem quite content with its size, and are not adding more twigs to it.

There was a brief sight of a Goldcrest in a tree near the bridge.

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