Thursday 7 April 2016

The Black Swan was mooching around by himself in the middle of the Serpentine, then suddenly took off and flew to the bridge, from where he cruised on to the Long Water. Swans, wisely, don't try to fly under the bridge. They are not very manoeuvrable.

The pair of Mute Swans on the Long Water seem to be serious about nesting on the little island. They have to share it with some Coots, which they don't like, but Coots are so persistent that they are impossible to get rid of.

However, there were fewer other Mute Swans on the Long Water, so it looks as if the dominant male has started one of his periodic clearouts of rivals. It takes him a while to remove all of them, and then they come trickling back.

A Mallard drake on a post near Peter Pan was enjoying a stretch.

There is almost always a Grey Heron standing in the higher of the two nests on the shore side of the island. I don't know whether this means they haven't laid eggs yet, or whether it is standing beside a sitting mate.

The heron in the lower nest does seem to be sitting on eggs, but it is invisible most of the time, and you only occasionally see a head coming up over the rim of the nest.

Both Great Crested Grebe nests are still busy, but here for a change is a grebe near the Italian Garden doing absolutely nothing, which grebes do with great style.

Another of the holes in the two plane trees near the small boathouses has a Starling beginning to nest in it.

A Grey Wagtail was flying around the lake. On my second circuit I found it near the bridge.

It is always the same Grey Wagtail, the young one from lasts year's nest. There is no sign of its parents, and sadly it appears to be alone and there will be no nest this year.

A Song Thrush perched in a tree near the bridge.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gulls, disturbed from their usual place by the recent filming, are back on the Dell restaurant roof. The male was causing alarm among the Feral Pigeons.

One of the Little Owls in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial appeared briefly at the front of the hole.


  1. Wonderful mallard tai chi pic.

  2. Seconded about yoga mallard!
    Gorgeous picture of the starling, Ralph. Wonderful composition.

    1. Thank you both. But it was the duck wot dun it.