Tuesday 26 April 2016

A Willow Warbler was singing in the shrubbery below the Triangle car park.

There was a pair of Blackcaps a few yards away. This is the male.

I couldn't get a picture of the female, but there was another on the east side of the Long Water.

For several days a Great Spotted Woodpecker has been drumming here, but only allowing occasional glimpses. Today he came out into plain view.

This Treecreeper was singing in the oak tree near the southwest corner of the leaf yard, a favourite spot for Treecreepers. Here he is climbing up the tree looking for insects in the rough bark.

A Grey Wagtail ...

... and a Pied Wagtail ...

... were running along the shore of the Lido, but I couldn't get both of them in the same shot. The Grey Wagtail was collecting insects for its nestlings. The Pied Wagtail turned downwind for a moment and its feathers were ruffled by the breeze.

A  Barnacle Goose has turned up on the Serpentine. We have often had visits in the past, probably from the same bird. But now it seems to have paired up with a Greylag.

The Black Swan was back with his girlfriend, touting for food near the Dell restaurant.

Now that the Mute Swans have discovered that they can climb over the fences of the nearby reed rafts, they are going in and out all the time. It isn't a graceful manoeuvre, but they manage it. The fence gets squashed lower each time, so the climb becomes easier.

The Little Owl in the oak tree was enjoying a sunny spell.

There were several Swifts over the Serpentine.

A Spotted Flycatcher was seen yesterday in the private garden at the back of the Ranger's Lodge. I went round the fence, but couldn't find it.

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