Wednesday 10 June 2015

There is yet another family of Greylag Geese on the Serpentine, with five goslings. They have really done very well this year.

Glad to say that I was wrong about the loss of the Moorhen chicks in the Italian Garden, or at least about the loss of all of them. I saw two in the clump of irises where their nest is.

The Moorhen that was making a nest in the next pond may have been making a refuge for them when they are old enough to transfer between ponds -- which is not long now, as they are excellent climbers almost as soon as they have hatched, with their long legs and huge feet.

The Egyptian Goose nesting at the Round Pond looked briefly out of her tree hole when she heard me passing.

Her five surviving young of the earlier brood were sprawled on the grass with their father.

At the reed bed near the Diana fountain a Reed Warbler, which had been in a nearby flower bed gathering insects for its young, flew over my head into the reed bed, and I just managed to grab a quick picture before it disappeared into the reeds.

There is a family of Blackcaps between near the swamp cypress tree on the west side of the Long Water. I could hear them calling and dimly see movement in a bush. Their mother flew into an adjacent tree where she was more visible.

Young tits are curious, rather than frightened, about people pointing cameras at them. Here is a young Blue Tit staring at the shiny lens ...

... and a young Great Tit.

When I was photographing this young bird with rather featureless brown plumage, I though it was a Chaffinch, since there was an adult female Chaffinch in the same tree. But actually it turns out to be some kind of warbler.

In the second picture there is a trace of pinkish brown about its legs so it is more likely to be a Willow Warbler than a Chiffchaff. But I really don't know.


  1. RALPH your Willow Warbler in the reeds next to Diane's fountain has a ring on his right leg but I cannot read it. Can you?

  2. Sorry Ralph - I meant to type Reed Warbler (not Willow Warbler) re the bird with a ring on its right leg.

    1. I had noticed, but have not yet got a clear enough picture to read the ring. It's very difficult with these fast moving birds. I did manage to get most of the ring number of one of the Bearded Tits in the same place, but they were less shy.