Thursday 11 June 2015

The Egyptian Geese nesting in the tree beside the Round Pond have just brought out another seven young. This is in addition to the five surviving from their brood hatched in midwinter, a most impressive performance.

And at Kensington Palace the Moorhens have three royal babies in the floating nest in the Sunken Garden.

The Moorhens in the Italian Garden have moved their chicks into another clump of plants at a safe distance from the Grey Heron's usual fishing station.

The Canada Geese on the Long Water had taken their four goslings up to Peter Pan to tout for food, ignoring the many bad-tempered swans. They are well aware that people can't resist fluffy baby birds.

Meanwhile, beside the Serpentine it was the triumph of hope over experience. A pair of Coots have been building this nest near the boat hire platform for several days now, and nothing will convince them that this is a hopeless place and they should try somewhere else. They are only 50 yards from the island, a far better site.

A young Great Tit in the leaf yard was getting quite desperate in its calls for food.

This splendid picture of a Goldcrest was taken by Bett Atherton, who seems to have a way with these restless little birds.

A Speckled Wood butterfly was flying around a patch of long grass near the Speke obelisk.

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