Wednesday 17 June 2015

Reed Warblers can be heard and seen in three different reed beds: the familiar one near the Diana fountain, the small one just the other side of the bridge, and one on the east side of the Lido. Here is one pausing for a moment before flying across the gap in the Diana reed bed, which is where it's easiest to see them.

The young Great Tits are now coming directly to people's hands to be fed. It doesn't take them long to realise that other creatures will feed them as well as their parents. This one, near the bridge, gave me a long hard look before coming down.

A young Robin in the leaf yard was still expecting its parents to do all the work.

Some of the Jays are moulting, and looking very tatty.

There are at least ten Red Crested Pochards, most of them drakes. These were on the Long Water near Peter Pan, but there are also some on the Serpentine near the Dell restaurant.

Mario told me the name of the mysterious stringy water plant. It is Horned Pondweed (Zannichellia palustris). It is palatable to several of the water birds, including this Coot chick, one of three near the small boathouse.

The male Little Owl was again in last year's nest tree. His present favourite perch is near where he liked to sit last year, on the northwest corner of the tree.

I got a brief glimpse of a Hobby flying out of the back of a plane tree, but no picture. So here instead is one of the Peregrines in the pair's day roost on the tower of the Metropole Hilton hotel. The tower is 300 ft tall, so you don't get a very wonderful picture.

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