Saturday, 27 September 2014

Two of the Jackdaws were prospecting for worms beside the Henry Moore sculpture. They were both adults, but this is just across the lake from where I saw the family of four flying a few days ago. When I gave one of them a piece of biscuit, both immediately crossed the lake. Maybe they were taking it to their young, though you would have expected these to be independent by now.

This young Blackbird in a yew bush in the Flower Walk now has almost all his black male plumage, with just a few brown feathers remaining. He is also beginning to get the yellow eye ring of an adult male. His beak will stay dark for several months yet before it turns an adult yellow.

Only the male Little Owl could be seen in the chestnut tree where the pair have been for several days. He was right at the top and hard to see in the leaves.

A Jay flew on to a nearby branch and I think didn't notice him, because it left him alone and flew down to take a peanut from my hand.

A Nuthatch in the leaf yard was walking along the underside of a branch, hanging on to the bark with its long, sharp, hooked claws.

Two families of Great Crested Grebes were having a territorial dispute under the bridge. This chick accompanied its parents for a while, but then lost interest and started looking for fish in the wire basket.

When it didn't find any, it amused itself by chasing a Moorhen under water.

The Moorhen fled on to the shore where its pursuer couldn't follow.

Several female Pochards have now arrived to join the males on the Long Water.

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