Friday, 12 September 2014

The Hobbies are still flying around the park. They seem to have abandoned their usual perch near the Physical Energy statue, and I don't know where they are spending their quieter moments.

The Great Crested Grebe chicks are widely scattered all over the lake, so that you can no longer tell which belong to which parents. This one came to the edge of the Serpentine and stared curiously at the passing humans.

A woman gave it some bits of potato crisp, which it rushed to investigate but then, not surprisingly, rejected them.

The geese were also being fed and, as usual, a noisy band of young Herring Gulls barged in to grab the food and squabble with each other.

There were 21 Red Crested Pochards at the Serpentine island, the largest number I have seen together on the lake. Some of the drakes -- the ones with red bills -- are beginning to regrow their breeding plumage, and you can see the start of their bright ginger head feathers.

One of the two Moorhen chicks at the east end of the Serpentine saw its parent flapping and copied it, as young birds do.

This Robin sings loudly and constantly from a small olive tree next to the terrace of the Lido restaurant.

The return of the Mute Swans to the Round Pond continues. There were 33 there today, up from 23 only a few days ago.

Update: Marie saw a Wheatear on the Archery Field this afternoon.

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