Thursday, 18 September 2014

A pair of Great Crested Grebes got a nasty surprise near the bridge when a Cormorant surfaced under one of them.

They both yelled defiance at it ...

... annoying the Cormorant, so that it chased them off.

Luckily their chick was at a distance, out of harm's way. After this altercation both parties swam off in opposite directions.

The winter migrant Pochards always congregate in the same place on the Long Water, under the overhanging trees near the bridge. There are a couple of Red Crested Pochards with them, which are considerably larger and not closely related -- and a quite recently introduced species.

The Heron at the Dell restaurant was standing on a post on the edge, waiting for someone to quit a table so that it could grab their leftovers.

The staff at the restaurant, used to Feral Pigeons doing the same thing, are very quick to clear up the plates.

The solitary young Moorhen at Peter Pan was standing up tall to look over a chain.

The male Little Owl was again in the chestnut tree next to his nest tree.

He would not take any notice of me, but then a couple of friends arrived and he looked down at us talking.

The Blue Tits in the leaf yard are looking particularly fine in their fresh blue and yellow feathers.

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