Thursday, 10 April 2014

The pair of Great Crested Grebes at the wire basket near the bridge were, for the time being, not having any trouble with their neighbours and were busy fishing for the perch and roach that throng in the shelter of the basket.

Today's bright sunlight also showed up the perch in the pool in the Italian Garden. There are also common carp. Both species are only in the northwestern pool, and how they got there is a mystery.

The singing Blackcap in the Flower Walk obligingly came out on a twig to be photographed.

I couldn't even catch a glimpse of any of the others. Near Peter Pan, two were scolding each other, making loud 'chick' calls, but both remained invisible. I have seen them doing this before in the same place; both were female.

There was a Treecreeper on the big oak tree near the southwest corner of the leaf yard.

If you keep at a respectful distance they will forget about you and start running up the tree and flying down in plain sight.

One Shoveller was lingering on the Long Water, days after the others departed.

There are resident Shovellers in southeastern England, but not normally in London, where they are winter migrants.

In the little clearing near Rudolf Steiner's bench, a female Mallard and a rabbit were eyeing each other warily.

Both are regular visitors to this place, and the pair of Mallards seem to be intending to nest in the bushes.

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