Wednesday 16 April 2014

Events in the Tawny Owls' nest tree are still mysterious. The male was in the same place, looking over his left shoulder and down at the nest hole and calling from time to time. But there was not the slightest sign of owlets, either here or in the neighbouring trees.

The Little Owls remained inside too, in spite of the warm sunshine. Having a pair of Egyptian Geese visiting the top of their tree can't have encouraged them to come out.

The second Mute Swans' nest in the reeds in front of the Diana memorial is well established, and the male swan is doing his usual thing, demolishing the reeds in a wide circle around the nest. Is this a show of activity to impress his mate, or to make oncoming predators more visible?

The lake in front of the nest has been buoyed off to keep boats at a distance, perhaps to avoid frightening the swans, but the other nest here has no buoys, and I suspect it is because the male has been coming out and menacing passing boats.

A group of swans were flying up the lake to get away from another particularly aggressive male strutting his stuff at the east end.

A Grey Wagtail had collected another large bunch of insects before flying off to the Dell where their nest is. So far, though, I have not managed to see it flying in or out of the nest under the bridge -- if indeed it is there, as it has been in past years.

A female Tufted Duck was having a good flap to straighten out her wing feathers after a session of washing and preening.

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