Sunday 20 April 2014

A sunny Easter Day would have been hopeless for seeing birds, but it was dark and drizzly and there were plenty on show.

Six Egyptian Geese were flying around perching in dead trees in Kensington Gardens and making a terrible racket. Here is one of them bellowing at the top of its voice.

When these and the Ring-Necked Parakeets become even more common than they are already, you will hardly be able to hear anything amid the constant din.

Near the bridge, the rain had stimulated two male Song Thrushes into a lively vocal duel. They were hidden in the leaves, so you don't get a picture.

Male Mandarins were cruising around idly the Long Water while their mates were busy on their nests. The more ornamental the drake, it seems, the less use he is in the rearing of his offspring.

On the other hand, this male Pied Wagtail is looking after his mate and maybe nestlings somewhere in the bushes near the Lido. He was trotting along the lake shore collecting a large beakful of assorted insects.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes at the east end of the Serpentine have recognised the new reed rafts as a good place to hunt. They know that fish and other creatures will shelter in the shadow of the rafts. Here a small crayfish meets its end.

There is usually a crowd of Mute Swans clustering on the shore near the Dell restaurant hoping to be fed. For some time a Grey Heron has been hanging around in the midst of them. It is now completely fearless and stands next to the shore, ignoring people and even dogs, waiting for a chance to grab a snack.

Yet another new litter of baby rabbits has appeared on the Vista under the Henry Moore sculpture.

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