Thursday 2 January 2014

Three Jackdaws were seen in Kensington Gardens, and one of them darted up to a Carrion Crow and snatched a digestive biscuit from it. I wasn't there and don't have a picture, but will keep a look out for them. They were north of the Tawny Owls' nest tree, towards the Bayswater Road. This is a slightly unusual species for the park, though a couple paid a brief visit last year, and several years ago I saw one perched on scaffolding in Leinster Terrace, just north of the park.

The male Tawny Owl was in his usual place on the balcony of the nest tree, taking a mild interest in half a dozen people who had come to see him.

Several Nuthatches in the leaf yard came to take food from the fence.

They are getting more and more tolerant of humans and it is not impossible that they will take food from our hand. Looking at their strong, curved, needle-sharp claws, I think this might be a slightly painful privilege.

A Little Grebe returned to the reed bed next to the Italian Garden.

It has already grown its chestnut breeding plumage.

A Pochard, also in full ginger splendour, was preening himself offshore from Peter Pan, giving a view of the beautiful vermiculated pattern on its back.

These Mute Swans at the Lido were cruising up and down opposite sides of the jetty, threatening each other as much as they liked because the barrier prevented it from developing into an actual fight.

When they got to the end of the jetty, they both turned back and menaced each other in the opposite direction.

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