Friday 24 January 2014

Apologies for the repeated disappearance of today's post, and sometimes of the whole blog. Blogger, the service which hosts it, has been having technical problems.

The female Tawny Owl came out briefly twice today. Here she is at her second appearance. Her tail is looking a bit frayed -- a consequence of nesting?

At this time the owls were being severely pestered by Carrion Crows, Jackdaws, Jays, Magpies and a couple of angrily Mistle Thrushes, while on the ground under the tree a dozen dogs and their owners were rushing around. The female owl flew to the beech tree next to the nest tree, and the male owl stayed on his balcony, simply waiting for the rumpus to die down.

It did, and a couple of minutes after I took this picture he was asleep again.

Three of the Jackdaws settled on the ground under the owls' tree. Here one of them is expecting a biscuit to be thrown to it, staring at the camera with its sharp grey eyes.

As soon as it got the biscuit it streaked off to avoid being bothered by the other corvids that were milling around.

The Little Grebe was resting in its favourite spot in the reeds near the Italian Garden.

It was not asleep and had both eyes open. This little bird -- it weighs about 5 ounces -- needs to be constantly vigilant.

There was a Dunnock in the shrubbery at the southwestern corner of the bridge, lurking under a bush as usual.

This is the probably same one that I photographed three days ago, since it was only 20 yards away from that spot.

Here are some Black-Headed Gulls coming in to be fed near Peter Pan.

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  1. Sorry you had problems delivering the Blog yesterday, especailly as there were so many good photos. A full-length female owl! Wow! And your favourite Little Grebe, better Dunnock shot as well as splendid action study of BH Gulls. We were out late, at the ballet, last night so, with the miserable weather, I shall stay indoors till its time for getting really wet - in the swimming pool.