Tuesday 28 January 2014

After yesterday's visit by the adult Great Black-Backed Gull, today the second-winter one was on the Long Water. Here it is, stretching its long neck to look even larger.

It flew around the lake restlessly, as if hunting for food. So far I have not seen one of these huge gulls attack a pigeon, as they are reputed to do.

The male Tawny Owl was obligingly in his usual place, looking as superb as ever.

These visits are now attended by Jackdaws, who are prepared to let themselves be photographed in exchange for a bit of biscuit.

When they first appeared they were very camera-shy, but bribery will get you a long way.

This female Chaffinch in the leaf yard is very shy indeed, and won't even come to take food off the fence.

Her behaviour is quite unlike that of the two males in the same place, who fly confidently to my hand.

I went to the part of the Parade Ground ruined by the funfair to see if anything interesting had turned up in the fenced-off area. Apart from the usual Feral Pigeons, Carrion Crows, Starlings and Pied Wagtails, there was just a solitary Mistle Thrush.

Nearby on the grass five Grey Herons from the Serpentine island had taken a break from their nest building and were wandering around among the people.

A Treecreeper turned up in a most unexpected place on a tree next to the bicycle path where it goes by the Round Pond.

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