Sunday 14 October 2012

The male Tawny Owl was in the beech tree a few yards west of the nest tree, one of his favourite spots especially in early spring when the owlets are in the nest and he wants a bit of peace. He always sits in the same place in this tree. It is very easy to see in winter, but while the leaves are still on the trees there is only one place from which you can get a glimpse of him.

Two Little Owls were calling each other in the leaf yard. It seems perverse to be looking forward to winter, but it is only then that we get a reasonable chance of seeing them.

The number of Shovellers is slowly rising, but we are still a long way off the winter maximum, usually about 50 but considerably larger in some years.

Not a sign of the Long-Tailed Duck. I think it was on its way somewhere and only stayed a day.

The Diana fountain enclosure is popular with Greylag Geese. The grass is of excellent quality and there is a place to drink. And above all, dogs are not allowed in.

Here a Carrion Crow tries to have a Happy Meal. But all the containers were empty, so it was disappointed. I gave it a peanut as a consolation.

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