Tuesday 2 October 2012

A Hobby was still to be seen in an oak tree a few yards north of the lime where they were first spotted. After a short time it took off and circled elegantly before heading off towards Hyde Park.

On the line of posts across the Long Water near the Peter Pan statue, the line of black Cormorants was broken by a juvenile bird with a white breast.

Cormorants don't nest in inner London, though in recent years eight nests have been seen in the outer parts of the city, the nearest one to the centre being at Walthamstow Reservoir. For a record of an interesting experiment to discover how many kinds of insects and other invertebrates share their nest, see this page.

This female Blackbird has been trying to take food when I have been feeding the small birds. Many Blackbirds are quite adept at grabbing titbits left on the railings or thrown into a corner where there are no pigeons, but this one is hopelessly timid, and usually her food is taken by some other kind of bird before she can summon up the courage to come down.

On the railing of the Lido swimming area, seven Black-Headed Gulls posed for a group shot before flying off for their usual pursuits of grabbing, chasing and screaming at each other. Soon they will be joined by Common Gulls, which are larger and usually win any contest for seizing a morsel.

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