Tuesday 12 June 2012

Three Goldcrests were singing in a 50-yard stretch of the Flower Walk. These tiny birds are definitely on the increase in the park.

Nearby, a crowd of Swifts was circling the Albert Memorial as if it had suddenly become infested with insects. From a bird's point of view, it may be an important structure. Migrant birds are seen flying over the west end of Kensington Gardens more often than they are over the rest of the park. I think they use the tall gilded spire as a way marker.

A Wren was singing loudly beside the Long Water, his little body trembling with the effort of producing this huge sound.

I went to see the House Martins at the embassies: there were at least 20 of them circling the two buildings. As far as I can see, there are now six nests on the Kuwaiti embassy but none at all on the French embassy. Despite the French building being a more suitable site because its front faces west and is warmed by the setting sun, the House Martins have not returned to their former sites in the cornice after being forced out by building work two years ago. Evidently the remains of last year's nests in the Kuwaiti building have saved the birds from having to do so much building work themselves.

The swan who drooped for so long beside the Serpentine has really got his mojo back. After I threw a few bits of biscuit on the ground for him, he charged up and tried to grab my bag to get the rest of the biscuits, biting me quite hard on the hand. It is good to see him so animated.

An idiotic Coot was trying to build a nest on the jetty of Bluebird Boats, deserted because of the dull weather. As soon as people start hiring boats again, she is going to be evicted.

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