Monday 11 June 2012

The Coots nesting in the irises in the Italian Garden have hatched their first chick. There are seven eggs in the nest, so more should follow. This annual close-up show is always worth watching.

Meanwhile, the Coots in the net near the Lido ventured briefly out of their protective net. Baby Coots have an elderly, tatty look, but a certain charm nevertheless.

There were at least 500 geese on the north shore of the Serpentine, sitting and wandering around peacefully as the persistent rain had kept away visitors with their dogs. The Greylags chose the east side of the Bluebird Boats cabin ...

... and the Canadas took the west side.

Again, large numbers of Swifts were swooping over the lake to catch low-flying insects; there were also a couple of dozen House Martins. The rain encourages songbirds and there were some glorious recitals by Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

The sad Mute Swan who sat on the path on the south side of the Serpentine, ignoring the passing crowds, seems to be recovering. He now stands up and comes over to be fed. During his long depression Malcolm used to come and feed him, and I have also been giving him biscuits from time to time. Today he was walking around and taking notice of the other swans.

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