Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Hobbies are still here. All four of them flew high over the Long Water, calling. A Carrion Crow -- we think it was Charlie -- had been chased by a Herring Gull and, feeling disgruntled, flew up and had a go at one of the Hobbies. This is a bad picture taken from too far away, but it captures a moment.

There is a lone female Shoveller on the Long Water, the first of the winter arrivals of this species. Here she is having just done a bit of shovelling, and is draining the water out of her bill to leave whatever tiny creatures she has caught in its unique convoluted interior.

One of the young Mandarins was at the Vista. Its wings are still not quite fully grown, although the tips of the primaries are now crossing above its tail.

The seven young Mallards from near the bridge, which have amazingly all survived, were at Peter Pan, enjoying a brawl with a Moorhen and a Black-Headed Gull which had come to snatch the food they were being give,

The largest of the Great Crested Grebe chicks is now as large as its parents, though it still hasn't grown its wings large enough to be able to fly.

It can now be brought adult-sized fish, which saves the parents trouble.

The male Little Owl was at first in the chestnut tree next to the nest tree with only his lower half showing through the leaves, but soon afterwards he emerged to a more open position.


  1. great portrait of the Shoveller, and the owl looks as though he's just risen from his slumber

    1. Yes, he always looks rather severe, but particularly cross in this picture.