Saturday, 20 September 2014

One of the Great Crested Grebe chicks was amusing itself on the Serpentine by diving and hauling up bits of weed from the bottom. They might have had food in or not, but anyway it is useful practice for a young bird.

Tiring of this, it thought it would be fun to chase some ducks. The seven young Mallards were there in a bunch, an easy target.

When these had been scattered, it went for the solitary female Shoveller, under water. She fled in panic.

One of the Hobbies appeared over the Serpentine, coming from the direction of 'Number One Hyde Park', which is the vainglorious name of the new blocks of flats for the mega-rich near Knightsbridge Tube station. These tall buildings would be an attractive perch for them.

On the chains near Peter Pan, a Cormorant was working its way up before trying to jump on to the post. They have some difficulty in getting on to these posts, which are too small for them to land on directly.

The male Little Owl appeared briefly in the chestnut tree next to the couple's nest tree.

While I was there, four Jackdaws flew over in a close group, calling to each other. Two pairs of Jackdaws were a familiar sight earlier this year near the Tawny Owls' nest tree, but at least one pair  moved towards the southwest corner of the park and were seldom seen after that. Now it looks as if they have a family, a welcome addition.

The Mistle Thrushes were back in the rowan tree on Buck Hill.

They chased out a Magpie, a bird for which Mistle Thrushes have an intense dislike.

There are many Robins in the leaf yard, singing loudly and shooing each other out of their winter territories.

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