Saturday, 6 September 2014

A young Hobby was sitting in the usual plane tree ...

... when a Magpie arrived looking for trouble.

The Hobby took no notice at first, but then flew to another branch, and then another tree, while the Magpie continued to harass it. At this point it was inside the leaves and I couldn't see what happened, but there was a terrible screech and the Hobby flew away without being pursued. When the coast was clear the Magpie flew in the opposite direction, maybe having learnt not to mess with falcons.

The Great Crested Grebe family with the new chick on the Serpentine were having a territorial dispute with the pair on the other side of the bridge. Here they are making a show of solidarity. The chick found this very exciting and was squeaking like mad.

The Moorhens at the east end of the Serpentine still have two chicks. One was with each parent. This one took a chick along the water's edge at the Dell restaurant to beg for food (a technique well known to beggars of all species), and got a piece of pizza crust. The chick couldn't deal with this large solid chunk, and the parent had to peck pieces off it and pass them over.

The Mistle Thrushes are back in the rowan trees at the top of Buck Hill. One bunch of berries has been almost completely eaten already. Probably it was riper than the others. The berries ripen at the top of the tree first, as you can see from the way the birds gradually work their way down the tree.

A Wren was hopping around the dense undergrowth on the side of the Long Water.

This large spider at the back of the Lido swimming area is a female Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus), I think, though I am not sure as we are looking at its underside, and the identification pictures show the top side.

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