Wednesday 20 September 2023

Wind and rain

More strong wind today, followed by rain so heavy that I had to come home on the Tube. The Round Pond is a very exposed place, and when it blows hard even the big Mute Swans have a bumpy ride.

Swans love water sprays, and the cygnets were enjoying a shower under one of the spouts on the edge of the Italian Garden.

The single male swan was still in one of the pools. There are enough algae here to keep a swan going indefinitely but it must be boring. He can leave by climbing down on to the Long Water -- but not when the killer's family is right underneath.

The single Gadwall drake here is peacefully coexisting with a group of Mallards. I think all the other Gadwalls have left again.

The Black Swan was under the bridge, affording an unusual top view as he preened.

The father of the Great Crested Grebe family at the bridge was having a well deserved rest, ignoring the constant squeaking of his three chicks.

The single chick at the island is very quiet. As a pampered only child it gets a lot of attention and doesn't need to beg. However, it is diving actively after its parents and learning the essential skills of fishing.

A pair of Cormorants at the island perched companionably side by side.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull's mate was enjoying her share of the latest victim ...

... and their son was hanging around hoping to get a bit. The parents don't chase him away, but they don't do him any favours either.

Again it was too windy for the Little Owls to come out, but the female at the Round Pond could be seen looking out of the hole in the nest tree.

This young Robin near the bridge must have been hatched quite late in the season, as it still has some juvenile brown plumage.

The corkscrew hazel in the Flower Walk is popular with all the small birds, as its twisty twigs offer plenty of places where they can perch comfortably. This Robin is often here but isn't one that will come to be fed.

A Blue Tit, however, is always ready to come out for a pine nut.

A Carrion Crow at the Italian Garden didn't want a peanut for once, as it had discovered a tasty corpse in the bushes.

This one did want to be fed, and cawed loudly for all its friends to come over.


  1. What an absolutely delightful photo of the robin....I guess the rain kept all the crowds away !....regards,Stephen.

    1. It even drove me away, and I don't give in for anything less than a deluge. Still raining hard seven hours later and shows no sign of stopping. Must nip down to B & Q and get some gopher wood before it runs out.

    2. Planning on building an ARK, Ralph?....

    3. A wise policy, Ralph..... Take all the "red list" birds , of course.regards, stephen..

  2. Great Crested Grebes are relentless non stop providers for their young, something even more loveable of their ways. The father can have his 5mins to himself but always with a watchful eye.