Friday 28 July 2023

Grebe vs heron

The Great Crested Grebe chicks on the Long Water are already swimming around. They still need to keep warm, so they soon climbed on to their mother's back.

A Grey Heron landed uncomfortably close to them. The faceoff went on for a long time and I had to give up filming, but in the end the heron gave up and flew away.

A Coot had made a very tall nest between two baskets on the island. It had chicks which couldn't possibly have climbed up the sheer wall, so there must have been a slope at the back.

The seven Coot chicks in the Italian Garden are now as big as their parents and beginning to get white faces.

These young Greylags at the Dell restaurant as also fully grown.

The Mute Swan from the island took her single cygnet into safety behind the railings at the boathouse. It flapped its tiny wings. Swans' wings are very slow to develop, and it won't be airworthy till it's fully grown.

We haven't had a picture of the Black Swan for a while. He was in his usual place at the east end of the Serpentine.

The Mandarin on the Round Pond is down to her last duckling, but looking after it very carefully.

The young Mandarin on the Serpentine is no longer with its mother, but it's in good order. I haven't seen it for a while but Virginia saw it recently.

A Cormorant stood on the fallen poplar at the Vista. There are only a handful of Cormorants at the moment, since this year's young fish are still too small for them to consider worth catching.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull launched himself from the Dell restaurant roof and flew off in search of his lunch.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker climbed a dying tree next to the Henry Moore sculpture.

Several Jays were waiting for peanuts in the Flower Walk.

At the Round Pond one of the Little owlets was out in the horse chestnut tree.

The one at the Serpentine Gallery was dozing on a branch of the lime ...

... while its mother kept an eye on it from inside the tree.

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