Thursday 27 July 2023

Another Great Crested Grebe nest

There's a second Great Crested Grebe nest on the Long Water, under the collapsed willow by the bridge and partly hidden by leaves. It's still in the early stages of sitting. A grebe preened under the bridge ...

... before going over to greet its mate.

A parent arrived with a small fish for the chicks opposite Peter Pan.

One leaned out too far from its parent's back and fell into the nest. It climbed up again.

A Grey Heron stood on a fallen branch beside the waterfront. It's a young bird but already its bill is looking tatty. This seems to be a difference between individuals and not a sign of old age.

This heron persists in hanging around the Mute Swans' nesting island, where the male was looking after the cygnets. The intruding swan family had gone back to the Serpentine, postponing the clash.

The Mallard with two ducklings confronted a Coot which had got too close to them. The Coot retreated.

There were another two small ducklings on the Hyde Park side of the bridge.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull strode ashore with a hungry look in his eye.

The Little owlet at the Serpentine Gallery was out in the lime tree ...

... but it was windy at the Round Pond and the owls had gone indoors. The female looked out from the hole.

Great Tits are so common that you tend to overlook them, but they are very pretty.

This Robin is usually seen hopping around in the bushes at the back of the Lido.

You often find Goldfinches on television aerials in the street, but a Greenfinch is less usual.

The globe thistles in the Rose Garden attract a lot of bees. They were all common Honeybees and Buff-Tailed Bumblebees while I was watching, but it would be a good place to look for the more exotic species.


  1. I ought to be surprised, but I'm not. Mother ducks are ferocious and even Coots aren't loony enough to defy them for no purpose.
    Baby Grebe is so adorable even when it's being all clumsy. I'm in love.

    1. Having young present at a contest seems to be an important factor in winning it. If the resident male swan on the Long Water were serious about ejecting the invader from the Serpentine, he would bring out his two cygnets to watch him do or die -- which unfortunately might be the literal truth, as the Serpentine swan has already killed a male rival and several cygnets.

  2. How lovely to see a greenfinch in central London. May they become as common as the goldfinches

    1. There are quite a few in the park, mostly around the Long Water.