Monday 27 February 2023

Two Little Owls at the Round Pond

There are indeed two Little Owls by the Round Pond. This one was in the same place as yesterday. He is definitely male, with a rather flat-topped head and big eyebrows.

The female looked out of the hole in the nest tree. You can just see that she has a more domed head and smaller eyebrows.

The dominant Robin at the Queen's Gate crossing of the Flower Walk perched in the top of a tree ready to attack any birds that got too near him.

A Blue Tit was at a safe distance in the paperbush ...

... and outside the Flower Walk towards Mount Gate, a Coal Tit looked out of a deodar.

Redwings chattered in the trees on the Parade Ground.

There were also some Goldfinches adding to the noise.

The two Grey Heron chicks stirred restlessly in the nest on the island. Soon they will be out and climbing in the branches.

A adult heron searched for rats in dead leaves beside the Long Water.

A Great Crested Grebe on the Serpentine saw his mate and hurried towards her ...

... and the two greeted each other ceremoniously.

The Little Grebe in the Italian Garden is beginning to get the reddish colour of its breeding plumage -- much later than its larger relatives which have been in their full finery since the New Year.

The Black Swan was on the lawn beside the Round Pond, stretching up his amazingly long neck.

An Egyptian Goose stood in the oak tree at the bottom of the leaf yard where the Jackdaws nest.

A pair on the ground below considered it an intruder.

There are still a few Pochards. This one was under the willow next to the bridge.


  1. Always a delight to watch the displaying Great-crested Grebes. Have watched several recently.

    1. Ours dance again in the summer when the increasing supply of small fish prompts them to nest.