Saturday 4 February 2023

A quiet Robin

A Robin sang gently to itself near the Albert Memorial. The technical term is 'subsong'.

A Starling ate an apple that was spiked on a railing for the Rose-Ringed Parakeets. I'd much rather the Starling had it than the pestilential parakeets, but someone scared it away.

Redwings hopped around the Parade Ground ...

... but it was a Blackbird that got the first worm.

Mark Meilack sent me this striking picture of a Treecreeper some time ago, but I carelessly forgot about it and put it in the wrong folder, and only found it yesterday. There are plenty of Treecreepers in the park but they are such quiet and unobtrusive little birds that you tend to overlook them.

It wouldn't be a proper day without a visit from one of the Coal Tits in the Flower Walk.

The Diana fountain has had another Unpredicted Issue: the pump has broken down again. But there is still water in the pools, and a pair of Magpies took the opportunity for a bathe.

The possessive Black-Headed Gull on the landing stage was trying to evict a Canada Goose.

The Little Grebe in the Italian Garden was having a bad day. There were no other birds in the pool, as the friendly Gadwalls had gone into the next one.

The grebe never changes pools, although it easily could -- it only needs a short takeoff run of about a yard. It lurked in the irises.

Then a Cormorant arrived ...

... and swam right past it.

That is not a suitable diving companion: it would certainly try to eat the smaller bird, though I think the grebe is fast enough to get away. It hurried over to a planter and hid behind the netting.

The Cormorant found no fish and left. A pair of Mallards flew in and order was restored.

Mute Swans courted and mated on the Serpentine. The initial display is a long process taking ten minutes or so, so I've only shown the later stages.

Some odd ginger blossom has come out in the Rose Garden. I'm told it's a Witch Hazel.


  1. I think it is a Witchhazel, Ralph. Tree creeper photo is wonderful!

    1. Thanks. What I know about garden plants could be typed on a postage stamp, leaving plenty of room for 'Zilch'.

    2. Insect and plant people never fail to amaze me.

  2. So maybe he is waiting for the Gadwalls to come back to him?

    How did the Canada vs Black-Headed Gull face-off end? My money's on the gull.

    A Robin's song, or sub-song, can never be anything but sweet, even if it comes from such a murderous ball of fury.

    1. The goose will always leave the platform eventually, and an angry small gull fussing and scolding certainly encourages it to go, even if it can't be directly chased away. And the gull never gives up while he is in residence.

  3. I didn't know that comorants will eat smaller birds thanks for that.