Thursday 11 November 2021

The Jays are back in force, and several chased me around the Long Water. This one was demanding a peanut in the Flower Walk.

A Magpie at the Lido restaurant liked tomato ketchup ...

... but rejected a lemon after one bite.

Two annoyed a Grey Heron on the Henry Moore sculpture.

They like to wash several times, coming out between sessions to shake themselves dry.

A Pied Wagtail hunted insects between the slates of the Serpentine Gallery. Incidentally, the woodwork of the cupola really needs attention.

A Starling stared down from a tree beside the Serpentine.

Long-Tailed Tits flew along the edge of the Long Water.

The Peregrine was on the crane, enjoying the ride as it swung around over Knightsbridge.

Herring Gulls can't resist pulling ropes to see what will happen.

This one was looking sadly tatty. I think they get into this state when the oil supply from their preen gland dries up for some reason.

A Cormorant washed furiously at the island.

The Black Swan was back on the Serpentine after its circular tour of the park.

The Wigeon hasn't gone anywhere.

A Tufted Duck came down on to the Long Water.


  1. Again we see that citrus fruits are anti-bird though pro-mammal, in stark contrast to many berries. Jim

    1. Not sure where natural evolution (rather than cultivation) has been going here. The wild ancestors of citrus fruits are all sour and bitter, and I would not have thought them attractive to any creature.

  2. Wait until they guess that by placing a morsel at the end of a rope you may get a tasty fish. Herons and Egrets do it dangling bits of bread.

    I wonder what has got into Magpies. They are absolutely driving everybody crazy here. Lots and lots of them everywhere making a huge racket.

    1. I think that gulls pull ropes in the hope that it may bring something hilariously tumbling down. No hope of that with this rope, as it was fastened around cleats at either end.

      Magpies seem to be multiplying everywhere. They have found an urban niche and are making the most of it.