Friday 26 November 2021

A day of sunshine and showers, with a sharp wind getting up in the afternoon. A Great Tit in the Rose Garden ignored the November chill and sang from a bush.

The regular Grey Wagtail visited the Italian Garden ...

... and a Pied Wagtail ran along the shore at the Lido.

The Rose-Ringed Parakeets are fond of the fruit of these Japanese Crabapple trees near the bridge. They wait till it's ripe, but it still must be pretty sour compared to the apples the visitors give them.

Feral Pigeons showed no respect at all for the statue of the goddess Diana in the Rose Garden.

The male Peregrine was on the barracks tower, but flew off as I approached, so all I got was a distant shot.

The tower may be hideous, but its reflection makes a striped background for a Cormorant on the Long Water.

Another Cormorant dried its wings at the island.

A Grey Heron perched on a post near the bridge, keeping an eye on the wire baskets where there are always plenty of fish.

Black-Headed Gulls perched on a dead tree in the Long Water.

One of the teenage Great Crested Grebes surfaced near the Italian Garden.

The strong west wind made fair-sized waves at the east end of the Serpentine. A Moorhen was not troubled by them.

A flock of grazing Greylag Geese always appoints one member to keep a lookout while the others have their heads down.

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