Saturday, 7 November 2020

Wood Pigeons stuffed themselves with berries in a holly tree near the bridge.

There was a male Chaffinch on top of the tree ...

... a female under it ...

... and a Goldcrest in the middle. Thanks to Ahmet Amerikali for the third picture.

A Blue Tit perched on a stem beside the Long Water.

A Jackdaw neatly opened a peanut I gave it and ate the contents.

The female Peregrine ...

... and her mate were on the barracks tower again, as usual perched an unsociable distance apart.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull was being bothered by Carrion Crows, and expressed his exasperation.

A Cormorant washed on the Long Water ...

... and a Shoveller was caught by the low sun.

At the edge of the Dell restaurant terrace, the resident pair of Moorhens looked crossly at a pair of Egyptians standing in their territory.

Blondie rinsed and preened her ash-grey wings.

Three teenage Mute Swans took care of their feathers. They are already beginning to turn white but won't be fully changed till well into next year.

Yucca flowers in the Rose Garden attracted a late Honeybee.

There was a sudden outbreak of Harlequin ladybirds flying all over Kensington Gardens.

A Field Blewit mushroom at the foot of Buck Hill.


  1. Are the young swans adult-sized already, or do they have to do a bit of growing yet? They look enormous.

    Blondie keeps getting lovelier with every appearance.

    1. The young swans seem to be full sized now. Males weigh about 11kg, females about 9kg.