Sunday, 15 November 2020

A Nuthatch appeared in the leaf yard after not being seen here for months. It was in the usual place at the southwest corner, here seen on the big oak inside the railings. More visits will be necessary to see whether it has really returned to its old territory.

A Goldcrest hopped around in the nearby yew tree ...

... and a Wren stared out from some brambles a short way off.

This Blue Tit beside the Long Water is a regular customer. It won't come to my hand, and expects a pine nut to be put on the railings.

The railings of the Dell provided a perch for another of the regulars.

A Starling posed against autumn leaves.

A sunny Sunday brought out a large crowd to feed the parakeets, happily ignoring the lunatic government's rules. Whatever you think about these invasive birds, they do bring people a lot of pleasure.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull glanced furtively over his shoulder to see if any Feral Pigeon had incautiously come into grabbing range.

A Black-Headed Gull caught a small crayfish.

Cormorants often combine washing with charging forward, which must increase the efficiency of the rinsing action.

A pair of Egyptian Geese washed together companionably.

A brisk wind encouraged two teenage Mute Swans to put in a bit of flying practice. They are daring to go a bit higher now.

The three on the Long Water were side by side on the gravel bank.

The Coots have finally abandoned work on their very late nest at Peter Pan, and a Mallard was standing on the remains.


  1. I watched the notorious gull hunting for pigeons yesterday but he wasn’t lucky this time

    1. He gets at least one a day, but not always in his traditional place near the restaurant.

  2. They're giving him a very wide berth in the picture. He must be uncommonly clever to still be able to catch pigeons, which must be by now quite aware of his ways.

    Very glad to see so many persons happily feeding the birds.

    1. He is certainly catching fewer pigeons near the restaurant, but I am finding distinctively mangled remains in other places so he seems to be doing all right.

  3. On the subject of pigeons, it was astounding to read tonight that a female homer has just sold for €1.6m, and this about the previous auction record holder and the sport.

    What do you think was on the Goldcrest's cheek, spider exuviae?

    Nice colour coordination of the Fortnum & Mason bag. Jim

    1. All the racing pigeons I see are the failures who go native in the park. When contacted, their owners say they don't want them back.

      If you leap around in trees, you get covered with bits of spider web. Happens to me all the time.

      Typical of Kensington Gardens that the birds get Fortnum and Mason snacks. That bag is my second most disliked colour, after that awful chemical pink that they make little girls wear, Die böse Farbe.

    2. Is that the same as Schiaparelli's shocking pink? I always hated that colour.

    3. Cerise? This reaction seems to be widespread. Jim