Saturday 21 March 2020

It was a beautiful sunny spring day, though a brisk east wind was blowing the water back off the little waterfall in the Dell.

People had had enough of the hysteria induced by the government and media, and the park was full and there was almost a festival atmosphere. Since the restaurants were closed, they were having picnics on the grass.

The sunshine started a Starling singing on a branch at the Lido ...

... and Robins were singing all over the park.

The only birds who were not performing were the Long-Tailed Tits nesting in the Rose Garden. Their nest is complete and the female has not yet started sitting, so they are only visiting occasionally and I couldn't get a picture or video.

There were plenty of Long-Tailed Tits to see elsewhere ...

... and the familiar Great Tits ...

... Coal Tits ...

... and Blue Tits near the bridge.

A pair of Blue Tits were starting to nest in a dead tree on the east side of the Long Water. The hole is at the far left of the picture. I hope to get a better picture soon.

A Magpie posed regally on a yew branch.

Back in the Rose Garden, two pairs of Great Spotted Woodpeckers were chasing each other round and round the trees ...

... and sometimes coming down to the feeder.

A Chaffinch perched on the same branch.

This is Mark's picture of him feeding Starlings on the path below the Queen's Temple.

A Great Crested Grebe rested peacefully on the Serpentine ...

... and a pair of Gadwalls browsed on the algae.


  1. This blog is a lifeline. I mean it. Hearing a robin, watching a grebe doze off, is a treat to which I look forward every day.