Thursday, 13 February 2020

The male Little Owl from the lime tree near the Henry Moore sculpture was calling from an oak tree several hundred yards to the north.

His mate was on a branch of the home tree, looking down at the intruding photographer with raised eyebrows.

On my way home I found yet another owl, the female in the oak near the Albert Memorial.

A Goldcrest displayed a fine bright crest in a bush near the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, a Dunnock perched on a bramble.

The Coal Tit in the leaf yard looked down from a twig beginning to come into leaf.

A Stock Dove wandered through budding daffodils beside the Serpentine. It's unusual to see one of these tree-dwelling birds on the ground.

There were a great many Redwings on the Parade Ground ...

... and four Mistle Thrushes.

The Rose-Ringed Parakeets in the plane tree near the boathouses were still making a great fuss of each other.

A Magpie bathed in the Serpentine.

This Carrion Crow had done the work of hauling the bag out of the bin, and clearly considered itself the owner. A challenging squirrel got a sharp response.

A Great Crested Grebe revolved gently as it dozed.

A Mute Swan scratched its chin with a large foot.

An ambassador was taken home in style after presenting his credentials at Buckingham Palace. A bit of regal awe encourages them to behave themselves.


  1. No one does pomp and circumstance quite as the British crown.

    Isn't the dozing Grebe adorable! It looks so lovely almost rocking itself to sleep.

    One owl would remove the world's cares from anyone, so three of them must be like approaching maximum happiness, if only for a moment.