Monday 7 October 2019

The young Great Crested Grebes at the bridge are still begging for food from their parents, but will soon be chased away and expected to fish for themselves.

This is one of the young grebes from the nest in the fallen poplar on the Long Water. It's only a little older than the one in the previous video, but has now been left to fend for itself. It had moved on to the Serpentine and was fishing near Bluebird Boats, where small perch are plentiful.

The single chick from the west end of the island was having a faceoff with a Coot. The Coot backed down.

A young Moorhen swam in the shallow water near Peter Pan. It's remarkable how well they can swim despite not having webbed feet. They use much the same action as when walking, and somehow it works.

The dominant male Mute Swan on the Long Water was finishing his clearout of intruders. Any swan on his side of the bridge gets sent packing -- except for his mate and their teenage cygnet, of course.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull was enjoying his lunch in his usual place near the Dell restaurant.

Earlier this morning he was seen trying to catch a Feral Pigeon at Bluebird Boats. The pigeon put up a desperate struggle, spinning round and round until the gull had to let go, and it got away.

The Grey Heron was still hanging around hopefully at the Lido restaurant.

A Pochard drake drank on the edge of the Serpentine, showing off his fine vermiculated markings.

Only one Jay came out to be fed.

The others are busy with their autumn task of burying acorns. They have an excellent memory for where they put them, but occasionally one escapes notice and there are quite a few accidental oak saplings in Kensington Gardens.

Two Robins in the Dell and the Rose Garden.

A Wren hopped around in dead leaves near the bridge.

A good picture by Ahmet Amerikali of a Dunnock in the same place.

The Humpback Whale in the Thames near Rainham Marshes is now a celebrity, and the BBC were spending your licence money looking for it. Picture by Tom.

It was photographed earlier today by David Callahan.


  1. The Grebe parent appears to be saying, "Child, you have a crest now already, go be an adult!"

    How I love Robin videos.

    That's a little overkill isn't it? Sending a BBC news helicopter to film the Whale. Surely more than a few observers would be willing to pass them any videos they filmed?

    1. The BBC is awash with our money and does everything as elaborately and expensively as a Hollywood film crew. (Actually not my money any more, as I have given up television and no longer have a licence.)